SOVTRANS - International freight carrier !


      The transport company  "SOVTRANS" is active in the logistics field since 1998.
     Do to our experience and successful routes in international transportations, we cover territory from the Atlantic coast of the Western Europe to Uralsko-Siberian region to Russia. The basic lanes are Romania - Europe: Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, France, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Baltic countries, and also Romania - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.

In the course of freight traffic, SOVTRANS gives the following spectrum of services:

- Transportation of general cargo;
- Transportation of cargoes of class ADR;
- Transportation of bulky goods;
- Transportation of modular cargoes;
- Customs services.

       Our motor-vehicle pool differs a variety of models (tilt trailers, sprinters, refrigerators, platforms, megatrailers) various updatings by load-carrying capacity from 1,5 to 20 tons and above (for bulky goods), that allows to carry out qualitatively any international cargo transportation, whether it be office and room moving, autotransportations of large consignments of goods or transportation of bulky goods.
       On the basis of information technologies all departments and groups work in a uniform time and technological field that allows to interfere at any stage of transportation with process of delivery and to bring at will of the client necessary updatings.
Modern systems of navigation allow  carrying out operatively freight traffic that has paramount value for a life rhythm.
       We distinctly understand, that at the given stage of time only new approaches to the work organisation, increased requirements to quality of service and construction of all complex of work on the CLIENT will allow to work successfully in the market.


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